About me

Hi my name is Ruby.

My avatar is friendly because i am friendly also my avatar is wearing pink and i love pink. my avatar also love’s to play sport and love’s to run and i love playing sport and i love to run.I also have six family members in my family. My mum she  like’s to do make up. Then my dad he love’s to play football with the boys. Then i have a older brother and he love to play sport and then i have a twin brother and he love to run and play sport and then i have a little brother and he love to play football games with the boys then i have two dogs border collies a boy and a girl.

200 word writing challenge

Charlie, Elle wake up now!!!!! Why? Said Charlie because we need to pack the car with the bags, and you need to get dress so we can go to our house in the snowy mountain said mum so get dress said mum again. CHARLIE!!!! Said Elle stop being a poop and get up now. so then,  Elle carried all the bags to the car and packed the car very well. Elle got snacks for the trip like popcorn, chocolate, chips and lollies, and some water bottles. After Elle got the snacks the family was going as soon as Elle closed the door


The family was on their way to the house Charlie and Elle got sleepy and fell asleep in the car trip was 6 hours long and they have been driving for four hours now and Charlie was playing games on his phone and Elle was upset because she did not get a phone till she was 13 years old. But it was her birthday on the 18th of December, and in that case, she wants a phone the iPhone XR with a light pink case.


When the family was driving up the driveway Elle thought yelled CHARLIE!!!! We are here wake up wake up

All the days went fast and then it was the 18th of December and Elle woke up and woke up everyone in her family and then all look the same she grabbed boxes and she opened it and it was a phone with a light pink case and she went outside and it was a sunny day with snow everywhere.